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Email for Sick Leave

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Email for Sick Leave

How To Write an email for Sick Leave?

Sometime it becomes necessary to give rest to your body when you are sick. So, that after rest you can join back the office and work effectively.

Your absence in office should be inform immediately or in advance to your colleagues and manager so, that no work should be affected in your absence. That’s why it is necessary that you should inform your organization, colleagues, manager or client about taking a sick leave.

In this given article, you will understand importance of email for sick leave and when and how you have to write it.

Why should you write an email for sick leave?

We know that we should adhere company policies and all rules so, if your company have rule to inform your absence in advance or immediately then you must write an email for sick leave to inform your colleagues, manager or client.

Even if there’s no such rule in your company then also write sick leave email because it shows your professionalism. Because early communicating information about your sick leave assure that all the work related activities happen in easy way. Hence, there will be no effect on productivity.

When to write a sick leave email?

Follow the rule and regulation of your company for writing a sick leave email. But in general you should send email or inform immediately as you fall sick.

Inform as early as possible to your supervisor, manager and your colleagues. If your are working on an important project then inform to your client also. You may inform them first via phone call and then you send a formal sick leave email.

In case of medical urgency and if you are unable to reach your manager or colleagues, then you can call to your organization or office reception about your sick leave. They will further inform to your manager and colleagues. But as you get time then again inform personally to your manager and colleagues so, that your information will not create any confusion in your office.

What should you include in the sick leave email?

Include the points which are important in your email. Include the reason behind for taking leave and for how many days you want leave.

Work from home culture allows to carry work from home smoothly, include this also in your email, that you are willing to attend important calls and meeting from home. Sometime for long leave please attach your doctors note with your email.

Also mention in your email, who will be the contact or responsible person for the work assigned to you. This person will take care of your work in your absence.

How to write a sick day email?

First arrange all the things what you want to mention in an efficient sick leave email and then follow below mentioned steps to write a sick day email;

1. Start your email with the reason of absence

Start your email with the reason of your absence. Mention the details what your doctor suggested to you. Also, mention when you will resume your work in office.

For example: I am writing to inform you that I get fever last night. My doctor suggested to take rest for one day. Please permit me to take rest for one day. From tomorrow onward I will be regular in office.

2. Include whether you will work from home

Some companies allow work from home, if your company have this policy and you are able to work from home, then inform your manager that you can attend important calls and meetings from home.

Also, you can guide your co-workers on phone calls. But inform them what time you can pick their phone calls.

For example: In my absence Mr. XYZ will take care of my work. I has informed him. Also, I am able to attend any important calls from home.

3. List out your important work in workplace

In email please mention your important work. In your absence if your colleague (person who can handle your work in your absence) can handle it then it’s OK, otherwise ask your manager to reschedule the task.

For example: Today I had to present presentation on new project proposal to client. Because of my unavailability please reschedule it with the client.

4. Inform your next availability

In sick leave email it’s good practice, if you mention the date on which you will resume your work in office. This will help to your manager to re-schedule your tasks or plan new tasks for you.

Why requesting for sick leave by an email?

Requesting for sick leave by an email will show your professionalism to your organization. For your manager it is easy to share your application for sick leave using email to other concern department like HR and Accounts.

Sick leave email example

Below are are some sick leave email examples for your reference which you can use as format for sick leave email;

Sick leave email example 1

Subject: Application for sick leave

Dear Mr./Ms. {Write recipient’s name}

I get fever last night and will not be coming to the office on Monday, April 4, 2022. As per my doctor’s suggestion I am using this time to rest and recover. Meanwhile, I have asked Mr. XYZ to attend an important meeting with client, which I had scheduled.

By tomorrow April 5, 2022 I hope to be back in the office. Please let me know if you have any queries.

Thanks and Regards,
{Write your full name}

Sick leave email example 2

Subject: Sick leave application

Dear Mr./Ms. {Write recipient’s name}

I am suffered with severe cough and cold and not be able to come to work today. My doctor has prescribed me rest for 2 days.

In my absence Mr. XYZ will take care of my work. I has informed him with all the work details. Also, I am able to attend any important calls and emails from home.

By April 7, 2022 I hope to be back in the office. Please let me know if you have any queries.

Thanks and Regards,
{Write your full name}


Now you know very well how to write an email for sick leave. Informing prior about your sick leave will help your organization to carry out work smoothly in your absence.


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